Henk Helmantel, a master of still lifes

Henk Helmantel (1945) is a true master of the fine arts and is generally seen as one of the most important figures within the movement of Contemporary Realism. His famous still lifes are admired by the viewer for their air of quiet serenity. Less well known is the fact that he paints magnificent church interiors and can sometimes be persuaded to depict a rare landscape. Even a couple of self-portraits can be found in his oeuvre. Helmantel uses a set of sober colours such as grey, green and blue. Specific details are emphasized with the use of more vivid hues. The artist finds inspiration in the works of his Dutch Golden Age predecessors. The dramatic highlights used by Rembrandt van Rijn are to be found in Helmantels paintings. And the soft and balanced nuance of colours are an homage to Johannes Vermeer.


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Henk Helmantel

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