Joke Frima, Natural Elegance

The subject matter of the paintings by Joke Frima (1952) is unobtrusive, modest almost. A humble yellow pear, a fragile cucumber flower or a graceful
nasturtium. Leaves curl themselves lazily and seemingly without order though the surface of the paintings. The few boldly coloured flowers are much less important to Frima than the green beauty of stems and roots. Some paintings are more majestic, such as the subtle and grand beauty of Epifanie, the largest piece ever made by the artist. But the central theme of her oeuvre is ever the same: the simple and subtle beauty of nature, untouched by human hands. So, naturally, Frima adjusts her colours to nature as well: her works show an abundance of greens, complemented by more vivid hues in flowers, fruits or vegetables.

Joke Frima
Kalebasjes op voetstuk
Kalebasjes op voetstuk
130 x 60 cm
€ 12.500,-

電話號碼: +31-88-1003100

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