Joyce Eijkhout - Harms 藝術收藏館

Joyce Eijkhout, Painting with Alter Ego

Seduction, desire, lust, restraint and freedom: these are recurring themes in Joyce Eijkhout’s (1968) remarkable paintings. Her main genre is portraits, but she’ll never just depict a person. Often the artist chooses to omit certain features and she will always remove any trace of emotion. The portrayed person is never quite recognisable, always transformed somehow. Eijkhout incorporates surprising elements in all her portraits, reminiscent of surrealist paintings. The artist uses dreamy colours, with greens and blues most dominant. Small details are rendered in more vivid hues, such as bright red. Eijkhout graduated in 1997 cum laude at Academy Minerva in Groningen. 

Joyce Eijkhout


  • Clary Mastenbroek
  • Clary Mastenbroek