Eye Candy, Elvira Dik

It’s a feast for the eyes, these large images by Elvira Dik. Beautiful pies in pastel, trinkets and toys and colourful candy that comes tumbling down paper bags. The work shows extreme dedication to detail, with a only the slightest hint of a brushstroke still visible. Yet the stories behind these edible images aren’t always pleasant. A good example of this juxtaposition between image and theme is Festen, a depiction of a lavish pie. This still life is inspired by the eponymous Danish movie, in which a family meeting turns into an unexpected disaster. Another example is Unbearable Lightness. Almost hidden between the liquorice are hart shaped pieces of candy with the cool words ‘text me’ and ‘fine’ inscribed. These colourful paintings aren’t simply eye candy, they’re food for thought.

Elvira Dik
J.C. Superstar
J.C. Superstar
110 x 80 cm  -  2015
€ 4.500,-

電話號碼: +31-88-1003100
電子郵件地址: info@collectieharms-rolde.nl

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